TriphalaFor A Clean Healthy Body


Are you always constipated? Do you suffer from irregular bowel movements? Did you know that there might be certain toxins in your blood that are promoting your irregular bowel movements? These toxins need to be flushed from your system in order for you to maintain a healthy and fit body. Plus, when these toxins are in your system it is much easier for you to gain weight because the toxins allows fat to accumulate around your waist line.

There is an alternative that can help you remove those nasty toxins and help you shed those unwanted pounds from your body. This alternative is not a weight lost supplement or stimulant but it does wonders when it comes on to losing weight and body rejuvenation.

What is remarkable about this alternative is that it not only flushes the system and promote good health but it also has other medicinal benefits as well. The name of this wonderful alternative is called ‘Triphala‘. While it flushes your system of any toxins that might have been the cause of your irregular bowel movements, it also;
*Removes bad cholesterol
*Improves Digestion
*Lowers High Blood Pressure
*Improves Liver Function
*Improves Circulation

Triphala is an ayurvedic form of supplement extracted from three trees.It combines the power of a laxative and purgative to give your system the ultimate cleanse. Triphala is known for combining both detoxifying and rejuvenating properties that acts as an intestinal broom sweeping away everything dirty and bad out of your blood. Triphala is extracted from the following three fruits.

1.Amalaki: More commonly known as the Indian gooseberry, which is a good source of anti oxidants that promotes healthy bones and pancreas. It has 20 times more vitamin c than the average orange.

2.Haritaki: This is used for the beneficial impact it has on our nervous system. Tibetan cultures regard it as the universal panacea. It seen painted on Buddha’s palm.

3.Bibhitaki: This plant is known to promote healthy bones and muscles. It also known to eliminate excess mucus in the body and is a powerful treatment of lung conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

Triphala is more popularly known for its digestive properties and It is commonly used to cleanse the body. However since recently, more and more doctors are becoming aware of the weight loss properties the product as to offer as well. Along with regular exercise triphala can be used to aid your weight loss efforts. When the your stomach is cleansed, your body has no toxins and that helps to promote weight loss. Copulated with good dietary habits and regular exercise, triphala is the perfect product to get you back on a healthy track.

So before your next bowel movement; you should consider ordering a bottle of triphala today. The tree fruit extract will help you with most if not all of your bowel movement problem and cleanse the body of other forms of toxins. You will begin to feel improvements in your energy level and your over all happiness level. As the Triphala supplement cleanse your insides and help you to lose weight you will be better able to exercise and burn fat. Be ready for that summer bikini, be ready for fun, sun and a whole lot of attention when others see a brand new slim and healthy you.

The Ayurvedic Diet


Ayurveda is a branch of ancient medicine and this is where the ayurvedic diet is derived. Most of the health problems are as a result of poor nutrition. However, you can prevent such problems by observing this healthy diet. Juices play a vital role in this diet and that is why the recipe involves juices.

The first recipe is for tomato juice. You are required to blend 100g of tomato with some water till it is medium thick then drink it. Ensure that you blend tomatoes with the skin and no sugar is added at all. This is good for the heart and helps to prevent prostate cancer. It also improves digestion and acts as an antioxidant. The other recipe is for melon juice. First, peel two small melons or a medium sized one then remove the seeds and cut into small pieces. Thereafter, blend and add little amount of water. You can add agave syrup too. This juice contains plenty of vitamin A and C, potassium and magnesium. It helps to relax your body and remove too much heat in your body.

It is also useful if you have constipation, ulcers or suffer from lack of appetite. Third is carrot juice where you will need two or three carrots. Put in a juicer then add very little sugar and two teaspoons of lime juice. You simply stir and it is ready to drink. This juice has plenty of minerals like phosphorous, sodium, calcium, beta carotene and many more. This will nourish your body and prevent cancer. The juices work best when taken daily and always take home made.

The ayurvedic diet has great tips to ensure that you stay healthy always. One of the diet principles is to avoid quick bites. It is healthy to sit in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere before you start taking your meals. This enables you to activate your digestive energy before you start eating, hence have healthy digestion. You should avoid very chilled drinks or cold foods when having your meals. This is because anything cold will cool down that fire in your body during digestion and make you have very slow digestion.

Ayurveda highly recommends that you prepare your digestive system before you start eating. You can do this by taking warm water or half a lemon squeezed in water before taking your meal. This cleanses your internal system and digestive tract. It is important to eat at the right time if you want to follow the ayurvedic diet and remain healthy. Proper spacing of meals enables you to have good digestion. Lunch is your most important meal because that is when your digestive system is most active.

It is important to observe ayurvedic diet always due to its numerous benefits. It helps to maintain ideal body weight since all the recipes have low fat. Your body will remain radiant and full of energy if you stick to this diet. This is because the juices are full of essential vitamins and minerals. Lastly, it helps to speed the digestion process. Always remember to take fresh food that is locally produced and prepare at home instead of buying from stores.

What Is Your Ayurvedic Body Type?


Ayurvedic body types are the natural state of being of an individual and there are 2 different, but inter-related, ways to classify a person. The first connects with the body, and the second with the mind.

Therefore, this union of the mind and body types determines an individual, and this is referred to as his prakriti. The meaning of Prakriti is simple, “nature”. In reference to the creation theory, it is the un-displayed cosmic nature. On the other hand, in reference to humans, prakriti is the manifested psychological and physical nature.

When you establish your prakriti (dosha and guna), you are able to understand your fundamental psychological and physical nature. This assists you in tailoring your diet and a lifestyle maintaining revered health and peace of mind.

You have a specific dosha with certain needs of nutrition and the case is similar to any other person. So knowing your dosha helps you determine diets, lifestyles and exercises that suit you and maintain your balance. And this is absolutely the core to maintaining optimal health.

For clarification, dosha is a translation of your physical constitution or biological type. This is just an easy way of defining the concept since the genuine definition of dosha may be a bit complex. For instance, dosha is defined as “doosyati iti dosha” in Sanskirt. This literally means that “dosha is that which contaminates”.

Hence doshas may be regarded as disease causing agents or pathogenic factor in the body. Dosha refer to 3 biological energies of vata, pitta and kapha and an imbalance of the three causes diseases in the body

Every person has varying degree of the three because doshas are not proportionally equal. Many people have their doshas unevenly distributed. However, there must be one of the three elements that will dominate and that will automatically be the main dosha. And the second dominating element is the secondary dosha.

Mark you, Ayurveda acknowledges each dosha combination or type by listing 7 distinct physical constitution types based on the three elements – vata, pitta, kapha, vata-pitta, vata-kapha, pitta-kapha and vata-pitta-kapha.

When you have vata as a predominant dosha, your emotional and physical characteristics link to elemental qualities of space. Below is a slideshow of the major characteristics.

Fast body metabolism and often thin

Rough, dry and thin skin (visible veins)

Erratic eating, sleeping and personal habits

Fast movement and speech

Quick and impulsive mental and emotions

Shy, modest and introspective in nature

Dislike dry, windy or cold environment

Lacks confidence

Impatient and unsettled

Mostly non-conformists or loners

Those with Pitta dosha as a predominant dosha manifest inherent elemental characters.

Moderately build

Soft and warm skin that easily develops rashes, sunburn or bruises

Thin hair, often blond or reddish with potential of excess hair loss or baldness

Strong desires in nature (sex, appetite)

Repugnant to sunlight, heat and hot water

Outgoing and love to create attention

Judgemental, angry and irritable when stressed

Determined and ambitious

Dedicated followers of games and sports (participants or spectators)

Highly intelligent

Their counterparts with the kapha predominant host the following characteristics.

Largely and heavily build and often overweight

Moist, smooth and thick skin (few wrinkles)

Thick, wavy and oily hair

White strong and well formed teeth

Low or moderate appetite and slower digestion (enjoy upscale foods)

Temperaments based on tradition and surrounding

Highly forgiving and tolerant

Medium intelligence

You should know that the Ayurvedic body types are unchangeable! For example, if you wish to acquire the quantities of vata, you can’t do so by may be eating a lot.

So important is to keep up. By this I mean trying to acquire more positive characteristics while you minimize the negative ones. That would be the best way to take control of your nature rather than taking chances.

You now got it, right? Ayurvedic body types are that simple to comprehend.

The Ayurvedic Herbs That Boost Immunity


Your immune system is the initial line of protection whenever threatened by microorganisms for instance bacteria, viruses, unwanted organisms, as well because pathogens. Increased levels related to pollution, stress, pressure, depressive disorders, poor food, use associated with drugs and alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoking, and chronic problems all can decrease your body’s immunity.

Once the body’s defense systems isn’t functioning from complete capacity, you’re more vulnerable in order to aryudevainfections or getting sick. The easiest way to enhance your defense mechanisms is with the actual nutrients we consume every single day. Ayurveda is a course of natural recovery which uses herbal treatments and spices to cleanse the body and promote wellness.

Ayurvedic medicine can be utilized in the Indian native culture for greater than 5000 years to treat disease, and enhance types health. Ayurvedic herbs boosts immunity by utilizing herbs to fight disease within your body and defend the whole body against any kind of on arriving illness. Ayurvedic herbs that are used to boost your immune system consist of Amla, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, in addition to Guduchi.

It really is a versatile as well as powerful antioxidant that protects against most cancers along fights towards infections. Additionally, this lowers blood stress also cholesterol, strengthens the liver organ, and provides nourishment for the brain and center. So that this makes the anxious system and disease fighting capability stronger. Amla offers antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to decrease bacteria, viruses and pathogens within the body that trigger illness.

Normally Amla is actually touted at like a rich source associated with supplement C, however it actually offers comparable acids that produce its antioxidant qualities. Polyphenols, kaempferol, flavonoids, ellagic level of acidity, tannins and gallic acid possess the effect of the actual therapeutic effects this herb is wearing your body. It’s also yhe great dietary supply of minerals and meats, which help to soak up iron in the meals we eat may also increase protein synthesis.

Amla is balancing to all or any three of the actual doshas, which causes it to be effective for everybody that uses this. Amla can supply to promote durability, improve digestion, deal with constipation, decrease a fever, purify blood, reduce cough, alleviate asthma, strengthen the center, benefit the eye, stimulate hair growth, enliven the entire body, as well because enhance intellect.

Also known as Indian ginseng, this particular effective herb offers anti inflammatory, anti development, anti stress as well as antioxidant qualities. It’s a rejuvenation as nicely as immune improving herb. Being an adaptogen this stimulates the disease fighting capability m and battles away stress. It protects the body by increasing the actual whitened blood cell count in addition to providing antigens in order to combat infection, germs and allergy symptoms.

It reduces inflammation within the joints, increases power amounts and safeguards the anxious program. It not only prepares the body to fight away sickness by bolstering the disease fighting capability but it restores the disease fighting capability by strengthening as well as rejuvenating it following a disease. Ashwagandha is used to be able to prolong life, improve general health, enhance mental perform, increase physical power, prevent bacterial bacterial infections, and protect the disease fighting capability.

Guduchi is called an immunomodulator as well as adaptogen, which improves the body’s resistance in order to tension, anxiety as well as illness. Guduchi enables you to prevent the cold in addition to flu. It enhances the disease fighting capability to prevent exposure to be able to toxins. It is a great anti-inflammatory and anti joint disease, that reduces gout in addition to rheumatic disorders. It balances all doshas and eliminates collected Pitta dosha.

It really is a powerful reviving herb. It’s adding nourishment to, soothing and ac properties. Shatavari can help with many conditions in which the body becomes too hot, exhausted, or from balance for instance heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, discomfort, urinary system an infection along with irritable intestinal condition.